Hi Karen,

Hiring you for a 2 hour consultation was invaluable to Henry and me, as it allowed us to voice exactly what we would like to do in our home. Having you come in to offer some expert advice was constructive in that it helped us tweak some of our ideas for making this a really lovely home, and to have the confidence to do so. You have been an inspiration to us to forge ahead and not be undaunted by the size of our home. We will call on you again as an interior design “guide” to help us with the finishing touches.  It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you again for helping us achieve our our goals.

Sabrina & Henry

White Rock, BC


Working with Karen has been a pleasure. She truly listens to her clients’ needs, wishes and eccentricities. And the results are amazing!

Vicki R.

Vancouver, BC


I have used the services of Karen Wolinsky for major renovation projects involving two separate floors of my townhouse. She worked with the contractor in the initial planning and later helped me furnish the spaces and frame and hang my art work.

Karen used some of my original furniture and found pieces to make it come together. She has an amazing colour memory and the ability to visualize a balanced and harmonious space. She saved me time, helped me avoid mistakes and ensured that there was a flow from floor to floor. Every time I walk in my front door, I am delighted with what I see.

Anne C.

Burnaby, BC


Working with Karen has been a real pleasure for us. We feel that we can take a step back and relax, trusting that she knows our style and preferences. She is very resourceful in finding furniture pieces, accessories and fixtures that are perfect for us (and our budget). Karen is always able to find the balance between suggesting new ideas and respecting our opinions. We were so happy with her work renovating the upstairs of our home that we hired her to help with two more projects; our basement suite/recreation room and our house exterior.

She has an incredible talent and ability to unify spaces. Karen was able to work with the tiling and other fixed features that were installed in our home back in the 1970’s. Her vision pulled the old and the new together to give us a modern and chic look. Guests who come to the house are constantly complimenting us on her work. We are truly proud of our home. Karen is a gifted designer and she delivers excellent customer service. She has been incredibly professional, patient and kind to our family throughout our renovations.

Chantal & Rod L.
Burnaby, BC


Dear Karen,

My experience with you to undertake some redecoration of my condo was very satisfying.

For quite a while I had been avoiding doing any decorating as I anticipated a lot of stress in decision making and confusion of information that would be presented.

You absolutely dispelled any of these fears.

Your initial visit was so reassuring, as you calmly defined what actions I could take to achieve a freshness without undertaking huge projects.

Your second visit (that included the contractor) was also not stressful. You brought an appropriate selection of materials to choose from that did not overwhelm me with choices. Your advice and information at that time gave me confidence in my selections. Now that it is all completed, I am very pleased with the choices of materials.

You expressed total confidence with the contractor who would be completing the work, indicating that he had done many projects for you. I totally agree with your judgment. He was in frequent contact with me, easy to reach with any questions, and completed the work in the quickest time (necessary as I was scheduled to leave the city shortly after I decided to go ahead with the project). His workmen were experienced, neat, prompt and very careful. They succeeded in the difficult task of cutting stone tile without cracking it. This allowed me to maintain the bathroom flooring without the need to replace the floor in that room. The workmen indicated that they had worked with the contractor for a long time and this certainly showed in the quality of their work.

I am pleased with the materials that were installed and with the workmanship. I anticipate undertaking further decorating projects with your assistance.”

Anne L.

Steveston, BC


Hi Karen,

The changes you made to the living room have made a wonderful difference.  And, it was all so affordable. I think it looks fabulous.  Thanks for all of your great advice. I’m very pleased with the outcome and all of our choices.

Jan S.

Kitsilano, BC

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