This is the first blog from New-i and my first ever blog post.

I am Karen Wolinsky, an Interior Design professional and owner of New-i.

I have been approached over and over again to create a service to address the specific needs of the Boomers and Zoomers, the 55 Plus. As a member of the active Boomer generation, I can relate to the changing needs of the 55 Plus demographic. We are entering another stage of our lives. Our kids have left home. We may be retired or nearing retirement.

Its decision making time. We are living in homes that no longer work for us. We want to make some changes. We have two choices…to stay in the family home, or to downsize. Many of us who decide to stay in the family home will look around and see a space we still love, but that often looks tired and worn. And we want to know how to refresh!

Alternatively, we may decide to sell the family home and to downsize to a condo or an active retirement community. Whether we choose to stay in the family home or to downsize, we want to use the things we love and have collected over the years as the anchor. These special pieces define our life’s journey, and create a comfortable and familiar environment for us. We want to create a home that really works to support our changing needs. We want to use materials that are easy to care for. We want to de-clutter, to edit, and to minimize the upkeep so we can devote more time to travel and other activities. Whatever the decision, it will require some proactive planning to provide for our needs into the future.

How do we begin?

Start the process with a New-i 55 Plus Design Consultation. A New-i 55 Plus Design Consultation will specifically target your needs, and help you to achieve your goals. Often all that is needed is a little bit of advice from a trained professional, a new eye to help you to move forward.

New-i 55 Plus offers one or two hour interior design/decorating/styling consultations. New-i offers you the opportunity to mix and match the services we offer to best meet your needs and budget. Use your time to brainstorm with Karen, get a color scheme, choose new fabric, flooring, light fixtures, rearrange your furniture, get help with deciding what will fit into your new condo, and/or whatever is important for you. At New-i we consult with homeowners who want some direction, ideas and resources to help them to create their refreshed interiors.

New-i can help you create a home that works for you and that you’ll love to love in.

Next month, look for helpful hints from Karen at New-i to help you to make changes to accommodate your new 55 Plus lifestyle.

To book an appointment with Karen please email or call 604 644-1647. Visit our website for a full list of our services. New-i is a division of New Interiors using what you have.

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