My home looks tired. What can I do without spending a lot of money?


I want to keep the pieces I have and love. Will New-i work with what I have?


Can I get a professional opinion - a new eye - to help me create the look and feel I want for my home?


I am downsizing and I want to create a new look that is a reflection of my life, travels and experiences. Can New-i help?


Can I just get a little bit of advice and then make the changes myself?


I want a plan that I can follow at my own pace as my budget allows? Is this possible with New-i?


I have lots of my own ideas but want confirmation that I am on the right path? Can New-i help me?


Why do I need to work with New-I when I can watch design shows and use their ideas in my home?


Can I arrange for New-i to do more in depth design work for me?


Which time frame should I choose?


Can I extend the New-i Design Service while you are at my home?


What will I have after a New-i Design Service?


Is there a travel fee to areas outside of Vancouver?


Can I buy a New-i Gift Certificate?


Does New-i supply window blinds and shades?


Is there tax payable on your services?


What is your payment structure?
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