Winnipeg Free Press, Joanne Blain, September 30th, 2007
“Hey Coach, what am I doing wrong? Hiring a professional to help redecorate can put your home on a winning streak” [ Read Here ]

Guest on Breakfast Television with Simi Sara

Vancouver Courier, Karen Wolinsky, for the Courier
September 26, 2007, “Interior Design and Interior Design Coaching”

The Vancouver Sun, Joanne Blain, September 26, 2007
“Merging Households, with Style”

September 21, 2007, “Calling in the coach” [ Read Here ]

The North Shore News, Deneka Michaud, September 12, 2007
“Start as you wish to proceed” [ Read Here ]

Tom Lee Music, September 5th, 2007
Steinway and Essex Piano Celebration Guest Interior Designer

The VList, Fall 2007
“Design Coaching, new trends!”

The Vancouver Courier, Helen Peterson, March 27, 2002
“Ready, Aim, Sell!”

The Vancouver Sun, Barbara McQuade, July 14, 2001
“Careful staging goes a long way towards selling a home”

The Georgia Straight, “Urban Living”, Angela Murrills, October 26, 2000
“Decorator rearranges to revive stale surroundings! The changes are dramatic and quick!”

Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine, August 2000
“Ask the Experts”

The Vancouver Courier, “Home Sweet Home” Profile, Ellen Alexander, March 2000
“What Karen Wolinsky brings to her craft can most easily be described as a fresh eye!”

The Western Jewish Bulletin, Alex Kliner, March 17, 2000
“This designer’s expertise includes residential, commercial and film set design projects”

The Vancouver Sun, Barbara McQuade, November 13, 1999
“innovative decorator creates makeover magic”

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