Whether you need advice on a new colour scheme,  furniture rearrangement, window coverings, material selection or an entire interior design makeover, don’t get overwhelmed—call New-i.

Choose one or more of the following New-i Design Services to suit your needs and budget.

New-i 55 Plus

  • This consultation is perfect for Boomers and Zoomers—the 55 Plus—who want to refresh their homes and/or are downsizing. Use what you already have and love as the foundation for a revitalized and newly exciting interior.
  • New-i 55 Plus offers practical solutions for living forward to meet your current and future needs.
  • We focus on your most immediate decorating priorities.
  • We suggest paint colours, fabric, window treatments, flooring and lighting.
  • We make suggestions on how to rearrange your furniture, art and accessories to help you create the look you want.
  • We suggest new furniture, art and accessories if desired.
  • Two hours recommended.


New-i Coaching Consultation

  • This is a mini makeover for one room or more, time permitting. You’ll see immediate results!
  • We rearrange your existing furniture, art and accessories to create a new look. We ask that you provide someone to assist with moving the heavier items.
  • We provide you with specific suggestions to improve your rooms that are easy to implement and customized for your taste and needs.
  • We discuss wall colour, new furniture additions, lighting, and whatever else is important for you.
  • This is perfect for the design enthusiast who wants a little bit of design direction to give them the clarity and confidence to implement the changes on their own.
  • Two hours minimum.


New-i Staging Consultation

  • We make recommendations on how you can effectively stage your own home for sale, using what you have.
  • We direct you to sources and resources to make it easy for you to complete the staging.
  • Two hours minimum.


New Interiors using what you have

Full Service Interior Design

  • This is full service interior design for one room or more.
  • This is a comprehensive interior design service.
  • Choose this service after completing a New-i Design Consultation.
  • We help you to make informed, functional and aesthetic decisions to shape an interior that reflects your individuality and lifestyle.
  • This is suitable for those that wish to have Karen and her team of  design specialists involved in all aspects of the re-design.
  • Full service design contract provided.


You set the agenda. You set the time frame.

We help you create a home you’ll LOVE to live in!


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